Albion Racing Club

Our club has no firm rules, just some common beliefs:
That we are defined by our experiences, that everything should be tried once (except folk dancing and incest),
that racing is a matter of spirit not strength, that there is no certainty; only adventure,
and that dressing appropriately is important.

We compete with ourselves and the elements, measuring our success
not by where we finish, but by how we race.
We welcome both ‘pacers’ and ‘chasers’ – anyone who is prepared to cross the start line.

Courage. Endeavour. Camaraderie. Integrity.
The four values our members share and hold dearest. True to ourselves, loyal to each other
but never in danger of taking life too seriously.

Finally, our strongest belief: that whenever the clock, the elements or our own fallibilities are against us,
real racers always find the spirit for

one more run!